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Game of Thrones is finally coming next month and I am wayyyyy toooo excited. Just can’t wait to see what happens next. Btw any GOT fans out here??

Coming to the point…I had ordered some stuff from Colourpop back in January, so this post is going to be all about that.



Shipping & Customs

Just in case you didn’t know, Colourpop offers free worldwide shipping on orders over $50(approx Rs. 3250) and considering how affordable colourpop is, this is not a bad deal at all. The icing on the cake is the quality of these eyeshadows. They are soooo pigmented and bouncy. Trust me you need to try them to know what I am talking about. Once you try these, you wouldn’t want to pick any other.

Since I was a little skeptical about the Custom charges in India, I got my order delivered to a friend in Canada. No custom duties and I  was a happy bird <3. Do keep in mind that if you get it shipped to India, you WILL have to pay customs (almost 30-40% of your total order) which is such a bummer.



Formula & Pigmentation

Since I have tried quite a lot of Colourpop eyeshadows. I can safely say that the formula is consistent across all the shadows in a particular range. The ones  I’ll be reviewing today are from their Super Shock Shadow range. They’re all very pigmented, have a bouncy texture which is very soft to the touch and are very easy to blend as well. I personally like to apply them over same cream/sticky base because they adhere better that way. Also, try to use your fingers with these shadows if you want to get the full colour payoff or any synthetic brush would also do.


Left: Nillionaire  Right: Prcikly pear

Do you see how pigmented they are??

Eyeshadows( $6 each)

  • Weenie

This particular shade is from the Kathleen Lights collection. It is described as an ultra-metallic true rose gold.




  • Prickly Pear

It is a lavender with gold and violet ultra glitter. One of my favorites from the range ❤



  • Porter

This shade is also from the Kathleen Lights collection. It is a deep warm burgundy with gold multi-dimensional glitter. It pairs perfectly with weenie.




  • Nillionaire

This is my favorite shadow of all times. It is just so pigmented and so pretty. It is describes as a bronze with pink and gold glitter.




  • Blaze

Coco bronze sprinkled with multi-dimensional glitter



L-R : Weenie, Blaze, Porter, Nillionaire, Prickly pear

I’ll be sharing the mini review of the liquid lipsticks and the highlighters I got from Colourpop in the next post 🙂


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