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My Favorite Winter Fragrances- The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist, Victoria’ s Secret Pink Warm &Cozy

Hi guys..

The weather in Delhi is very chilly (4 degress to be precise) and the only thing I want to do right now is to cuddle up in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate(stuff dreams are made of ). Delhi is seriously like a heaven in winters with those endless cups of coffee, stylish winter clothing and endless shopping scenes and my Victoria’ s Secret body mist reminds me exactly of that.

So, Today I’ll be sharing with you my favorite body mists that  I have been loving this winter season.





So, I bought this one in my TBS haul and I have used this in the summers as well. This is actually an all time favorite and even though I am not a fan of very strong fragrances this , however, is an exception. It comes in a glass packaging with a black circular cap. I actually quite like the packaging and its sort of chic and classy but its not very travel friendly.


The top notes of this mist are really strong,woody and smell somewhat like alcohol. (not something that i like personally). The middle notes are much more sweeter and strawberry-like. This is the part I like the most. Initially you may not like it, but once it settles down you would feel as if you have entered a garden of srawberries. Its very fresh, feminine and sweet. It stays on for around 2-3hrs on me but since its a mist and not a perfume…I am fine with the staying power. If you like fruity and strong fragrances..this is the one you should go for.



Price: Rs. 795 for 100 mL

  Where to Buy: (They usually have some great discounts running on their website, so do check it out)    

  Rating: 4/5                                                                                                                                             


Victoria’s Secret is not easily available in India. You can get it either from duty free or you can buy it directly from Victoria’s Secret website.

This has actually been my favorite from the first time I used it and I have been using this constantly. I have not touched any other mist or perfume since the day I got this. Trust me, if there is one fragrance that is a MUST HAVE for any girl , this is it. I personally like my perfumes to be light and feminine and don’t really prefer floral or woody fragrances


It comes in a cute plastic pink bottle which is easy to carry .The top notes of this mist smell strongly of vanilla with just a bit of citrusy hint to it which is maybe due to the peonies. This is not the kind of fragrances that would give you a headache.The middle notes…OMG…it smells like cupcakes and cookies and marshmallows and what not. It makes you feel exactly what it says ,”WARM & COZY”.


This is the perfect winter fragrance that instantly cheers you up .Whenever I have worn this, I have got the most number of compliments. This is the fragrance that you NEED to get your hands on if you like light and sweet scents. Even though it lasts around 2-3hrs on me but I am fine with it. I am thinking of buying the body lotion and the perfume from the same range so that I can layer the products to make it last longer…YES that is how much I LOVE it ❤

Price: Rs. 1736 for 250 mL

  Where to Buy:  

  Rating: 5/5                                                           


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